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Top Items In My Wardrobe
These are my top items I must have in my closet: 1) Because I live in Georgia I stay in a tank top during the summer 2) During the winter I love being able to just throw on a comfy sweater and walk out the house 3) I received my Uggs this past Christmas and I swear I wore them everyday, they are the best thing since slice bread and keep my legs warm 4) I really don’t go to clubs anymore but the few times I do get to go out to a lounge or something I love having a nice short structured party dress 5) The leggings speak for themselves, you can dress them up or down and are so comfortable 6) Every time I put on my leopard flats they just add a little something to my outfit, everyone should have a pair 7) Shorts make my legs look great and anytime I can pair with some heels they look even better! 8) Skinny leg jeans are perfect for any season and I like they way they fit me, I’m 5’2 and petite  9) Black heels are perfect for any occasion and can take any outfit to the next level 10) Maxi dresses are the best! They are comfortable, stylish and they can be transitioned into fall wear 11) Lastly are a pair of fun heels, something that is funky, different, and colorful (you can never have too many fun heels)