Havanna by Matiko. Talk about a perfect shoe for spring and summer! The pastel colors makes this shoe dreamy in a way, and the tassel on the back just adds to the detail of the shoe. This a sexy shoe and is available in another color. Check out the solestruck website for more information.

While I was in the mall, I saw this shimmer of gold in the corner of my eye and there it was the Steve Madden OBSTCL-S $149.95. The shimmer that caught my attention of course were the gold spikes!!! The best thing about this shoe is that the colors will go with almost any outfit (Hello, gold and black) and it will add that flare, punch, pow wow, etc…to your outfit. Photos came from the steve madden website.

I have had my eyes on this shoe since last year and I am determined to get them. Sam Edelman Lorissa $199.95 from solestruck. The shoe comes in 16 different colors so there is something for everyone. I like the pink because it will add a nice pop to whatever outfit you have on and because everyone buys the white or black color so why not do something different! Photos came from the solestruck website

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